Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It Can Always Be Worse...Kona Weather...

5 am and 79 degrees.
For those of you following my blog - note the temperature. This is a tip off. Next check out the photo I took yesterday morning. That haze is not fog or smog. It is VOG. Volcanic ash all the way from the Big Island.
I live on Oahu (with Waikiki and Honolulu). The Big Island is the Island of Hawaii (with Hilo and the volcanos - oh yes - and close to the epicenters of earthquakes).
We are having Kona weather. This is when the tradewinds ebb and the wind shifts and comes from the south, carrying with it VOG.
The temperature rises (it was already 79 degrees at 5 am and at 5:14 it is now 80).
It will be hot.
And those with asthma have a tough time.
Just a bit of Hawaiiana for those of you looking at snow outside your windows.
So, you can think of me (encased in my boat with four fans blowing) finishing up the final touches to the last edits of my novel sweating like a pig. Me - not the novel...
Do pigs sweat?
I do not know.
I lived next door to a hog farm in Illinois while in graduate school.
I should know.
But I don't.
I will ponder this fact all morning. Then I will walk across the marina parking lot and go to the beach.
I will plunge my super-heated body into the ocean.
It will then become very unimportant.
As I float on my back.
Staring up at the sky.


Kimber An said...

Well, our temps are between 0 and 10 above zero here in Alaska. Yesterday, it was windy, taking the child down to 'Rassin-Frassin Cold!' We have volcanoes too, but none snorting ash in our direction lately.

ORION said...

Each time I open my freezer I will think of you and wish warm thoughts your way.

Kimber An said...

"I'm so hot I'm sweatin' like a pig in a volcano!" This is a line my daughter made up. Another glance at this entry reminded me of it ;)