Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hawaii Darwin Award Runner Up

4:45 pm and 86 degrees.
Well, no we didn't get any fish.
Got a couple of bites.
The biggest bite was this jet ski. As we got close we discover he had a rod and what he thought was a big fish on.
Keep in mind he is over five miles from shore and we are one of two boats around. The other boat was heading toward the harbor guessed it. That was his big fish.
Pretty soon he had us hooked too.
We cut his line and that was a good thing because he had no way of getting it cut on his own.
Soon he was zooming off. But not in the direction of shore. He had a spare rod in back.
We need him out of the gene pool.

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Kimber An said...

Absolutely. Darwinism at work. Motorcycles. Rock-climbing. Hey, my husband did all those things before he married me and survived! And he's knocked me up four times! Well, I guess he deserved to spread his genes around after selling his red motorcycle to buy a truck safe enough for his wifey to drive on snow and ice ;).