Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesdays are better than Mondays

8 am and 77 degrees.
Blue sky.
One person on the mainland described their day today as "chilly." I told you my posts would become annoying.
School work is done. I go in cycles on the work for my PhD in curriculum. Feast or famine. I even go in cycles on my novel ideas. There are those times the basic story arrives fully formed and I write like a fiend but there are also those times that require much thought and reflection. This is happening now. The fall. A time for reflection.
What the heck happened to summer anyway?
I was supposed to have lost 20 pounds and gotten up to 30,000 words on my WIP.
What happened?
October is almost over.
What happened?
It was only yesterday that I was 28.
What happened?
Life, I guess.
That's the way it works.

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