Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Hire

6:20 am and 79 degrees
The second applicant had the skills needed to do the job. Had some ideas of how to do things a bit differently, put her stamp on the position. She started Sunday - got off to a rocky start (pardon the pun).
She's late this morning said she had some errands to run, mice to catch, dustballs to chase.
But then i find her in the back office.

I think I'm being taken advantage of...

I hope this floating household is back to normal now. Between the earthquake, no power, intermittent internet connection interruption and that pesky little PhD I am working on things got a bit flustered here. I guess it takes occasional bumps in the road to get a person to look up and see the scenery passing by. As in everything in life - it could have been worse.
There was a gorgeous sunset last night. I had to run outside and take pictures, then I got invited over for a glass of wine from my neighbors across the dock...and well...dinner was a little late...

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