Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's 3 pm...Do you know where your horse is?

3 pm and 85 degrees.
This is Taxi. FB's horse and ridden by KF. Taxi is part mustang and came to Hawaii from Idaho. He is also in one of my novels. He will be very famous.
Right now I have to figure out what I will be for Halloween. Every Halloween my friend NNH has a party with a theme. Last year it was "Under the Sea" so we went as Jelly fish. We used bubble wrap for tentacles. I thought we were clever but there were about ten other Jelly fish so I guess not...but I think Jellies travel in herds so maybe it was inevitable. I have an idea for costumes but will not tell until after the party. I must maintain secrecy otherwise someone will steal our idea.

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