Thursday, May 03, 2007


I guess we will have to get used to the odd ARC of LOTTERY appearing on ebay.
Color me amused and entertained.

3:30 pm and 83 degrees.
I was told by my friend Holly to watch ebay as ARCs come up fairly frequently. She bought several of her book The Tin Box two years ago.
M G Tarquini had the sharp eyes and called me but not before I discovered it myself.
Mwa ha ha!
I immediately bid but just so you all know my top bid was 5 bucks. That was just so I didn't get humiliated if it had sold for 99 cents!
The last I saw it was already up to $15.
I am out bid.
So blogging bidders!
Have at it!
I will make you a deal. Whoever wins it -- after they read it -- can mail it to me and I will sign it and mail it back!
Or No Deal?
The auction lasts 6 days.
We will have a play by play ringside commentary.
Fun. Too too much fun.


My other great friend and fellow Hawaii author, Mia King, is having a fun contest in honor of all the “good things” that have been happening everywhere, for everyone!
CLICK HERE to see how you can get a sneak peek into your future – she’s giving away a one year astrological report or, for you non-believers, an autographed copy of her bestselling novel, GOOD THINGS. I’ve already entered in the contest so may the best person win!

I have been listening to the soundtrack of WICKED all day.
And I have to share.
Why I love it?
Because of one song. Well more than that but one song especially resonates.
For all of us writers.
Pen in hand.
Scrunched over the computer.


And that is why we all have to be supportive of each other.


Anonymous said...

Behold, the power of the Internet. I love it.

Mahalo again, Pat.

Kimber Li said...

Oh, great, now I'll never get Weird Al out of my head! I've had his song 'eBay' running through my head all week already.

ORION said...

Ok Kimber.
Go on i tunes and get the soundtrack from Wicked and play "defying gravity"
That'll chase Al right out of your head.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

How fun your ARC is on eBay! But does this mean the person auctioning if off didn't want it??? I would NEVER sell my books on eBay!

And I saw Wicked in Chicago in Dec, and just the words UNLIMITED brought back warm fuzzies!

Thanks for sharing! And you can bet as soon as I see Lottery on the shelves, I'm getting it! Ooh, you know what would be a cool marketing idea? If you have a book signing, and when customers buy your book, you can put a lottery ticket IN THE PAGES. Hmmmm... doesn't that sound fun! Imagine a reader winning the lottery after reading THE LOTTERY.

OK, I'll stop now, but make sure to let me know if you'll be touring in Chicago!

ORION said...

I definitely will be going through Chicago but don't know when.
As far as not wanting it maybe:
1. They don't know what they have.
2. May be they already read it.
3. It's not their thing
and that is OK.
Some one who wants it will get it.
And that is totally cool!

Anonymous said...

WOOT! I love it, writers helping writers. You said it! Isn't it a wonderful thing. :)

Mia King said...

Shoot! I was the highest bidder, and then I just got outbid!

Writers helping writers ... which then becomes friends helping friends. It DOES feel good, doesn't it? :-)

Sam said...

I just got a note from Pandora saying that they could no longer play in France (streaming on the internet) because of song rights.
Someone has a book of mine for sale at Amazon for 94$.
It's out of print, and I guess there are some that missed the second book in the series, lol.
Please, don't buy it! If you want a copy, contact me, and I'll work something out!

Bernita said...

No excuse.
Lottery is a Keeper.

Therese said...

Maybe a generous soul wanting to share a loved story...and make a profit at the same time. :)

Lisa R said...

Thanks for the heads up about the ARC yesterday! I'm anxiously watching it and hoping for the best. I like the writers helping writers comment. Way cool!

Martha O'Connor said...

You should pick that ARC up for yourself, no matter the cost.

Because when LOTTERY is a big bestseller, the price will skyrocket.

Why do you think my copy of your galleys has an honored place on my bookcase? :D


Mindy Tarquini said...

I had to put my copy of your galleys under lock and key. Lala Scrivano won't keep her well-manicured fingers off it.

ORION said...

I'll go for the next one. There are a ton of people who want one of my galleys but I can't send them one - I over- promised as I hear all authors do!
Holly told me she picked up several of hers.
I just think this is SO funny.
Honored place huh?
That is such fun to think about.
MY book on another author's shelf whose work I admire!
Very heady!

David L. McAfee said...

OOOOOOOOOOh, another Lottery ARC on ebay! I'm all over this one. :)

Dawn said...

Lottery on eBay? I thinks it means the person has read it, realises that it is going to be a huge hit and is trying to cash in on that. Watch the bidding and enjoy it.

Travis Erwin said...

While I am eager to read Lottery and would consider a signed ARC to be a cherisheed additon to my book collection I'm going to resit the urge to bid

Instead, I'll wait and hit my brick and mortar the day your novel comes out so you can dance beneath the raining wealth of royalites my purchase will unleash.

Okay, so one book's worth of royalties isn't going to buy you another boat or get you on the best seller lists, but if everyone who reads and enjoys your blog buys the novel and tells everyone they know the buy a copy. Well, you get my drift and like you said Writers should hlep other writers.

Congrats on the book and from all I've heard I'm sure I'll enjoy.

Gay said...

Ah, hell. I bid twice, but someone else outbid me. Guess I'll have to delay my gratification.

How funny... that some idiot is willing to part with their ARC.

David L. McAfee said...

I bid on it, and I also have a copy pre-ordered on Amazon. Winning the auction will not cause me to cancel my order (gotta support Pat, after all).

I really want that autographed ARC. :)

David L. McAfee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm an ebayer - if you click on the number next to the seller's screen name you can see all of his/her feedback and a new feature shows what items that person sold or bought to garner the feedback. This seller doesn't seem to be in the book biz and is in CA I think. Interesting. Who is it? How'd she get her hands on one?

David L. McAfee said...

There are two now. The first seller is back with a Buy It Now listing.

Anissa said...

Dang, Pat! Buy-it-now for $68!!! You're a rock star!

Can't you just feel the frenzy building? I'm hoping to see crowds outside my local bookstore in August. I know I'll be there!

Pink said...

how wonderful.

i'm going to keep my eyes peeled. I want to nab one so I can get me your autograph!

what fun to see your works coming up and when Lottery is out, they will surely be outselling the original price!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon this blog--your book sounds fascinating. I'll be among those standing in the sun outside Borders, waiting for the Lottery!


ORION said...

OK I know all you guys are waiting to snipe at the last minute!
This is really quite entertaining.
I wonder if the pencils I used in the copyedits are valuable? I will see if they are after Lottery comes out in August. I have like four or five but one doesn't have an eraser. I wonder if that will decrease its value.

David L. McAfee said...

I see the $68 Buy It Now ARC sold.

Anonymous said...

I checked the E-bay listing, but unfortunately they don't ship to Germany. Next time.

David Isaak said...

Well, I'm looking forward to the publication of "Lottery", but I DO wish people would at least desist from selling ARCs on the web until after pub date! (Though I confess I might buy one of my own in a similar situation, just becasue it's so damn weird.)

Meanwhile, should you choose to play, You’ve been tagged.

canwag said...

Pat, I can't imagine why anyone would choose to part with their ARC of "Lottery"... however, part of the seller's requirements at the bottom of the auction page are... "PayPal Only! No Acceptions!" Er... maybe that's why. :) I know, I know, I'm terrible. I'll go to Confession tomorrow.

David L. McAfee said...

I didn't win. :(