Monday, August 08, 2011

TOOLOOSE: 2000 - 2011


1. I lev my toyz to girl kittee.
2. I lev my ideaz to Pat Wood author even tho she will nut du justiz to them.
3. I lev peeze to the wurld.

"I'd rather be ashes than dust..." He lived his life to the fullest.

What is there to say?
Cardio myopathy is the leading cause of sudden death in otherwise healthy cats. We miss him horribly. Tooloose was well known in the harbor as a "bow guard". He was an escape artiste. And a writer.
His opus REVENGE OF THE ALIEN SPACE MONKEEZ remains a testament to his talent and is unfinished.
Like Truman Capote I can only find paragraphs and vague outlines. There was a detailed plan on his future book tour and interview with Barbara Walters. And the photos he wanted in People magazine.
I offer this all as a memorial...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hooray for POLAND!!!

The Polish edition of Lottery was released and I had great fun googling and translating reviews.
I surely AM a glutton for flattery in any language.