Friday, May 21, 2010


This post is brought to you by MacSpeech.
Okay the thing is. I can't say naughty words. This limits me. You'd think with only one arm the idea of having speech recognition software would be way cool. And it is. BUT I can't say 90 words. That 90 should be naughty. NOT T. NOT be. NOT a. 90 night he not see. There are some glitches. I can't say 90 words. I can't say bad words. No bad words. Not shift. Not Fox. Not Butthead. Oh! I can say Butthead!!! Can I say damn? Yup. Can I say hell? Yup. My cat to lose (two loose). Well that was close. Keep in mind I'm not using the keys at all to do this blog. It's harder than it might look. Or maybe not. Possibly it looks worse. I still wanna say fark. F. you see Kay.
I have eight weeks to get used to this. I will either teach MacSpeech to be knotty. Or my vocabulary will be cleaned up. Stay tuned.
MacSpeech -- five
Patricia Wood -- one
I cheated. I had to type... it kept spelling my name as would...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It seemed so simple.
Taking the mail and dropping it in the mailbox. We walked around the end of the harbor, a stiff breeze came up and tossed an envelope into the water, It seemed such a simple thing to bend over the rocky ledge and reach for it.Seconds later I found myself tumbling down the barnacle and coral covered rocks and plunged into filthy harbor water over my forward to ER and the to surgery to repair damaged nerves and re-attach tendons.
After a few nights of lux care at Queens Hospital I'm home and back on the keyboard with my good right hand and trusty TOOLOOSE volunteering to finish my next book for me...He feels the addition of a few alien space monkeys improves any tome.
Stay tuned.
This message has been brought to you by Vicodan.